Lorenzo Sousa Debarbieri

Distruptive technologies trends and opportunities.

To learn more about what's happening in the world of technology, I enrolled in the disruptive technology program at Singularity University, at the Asa Research Center in Nasa in the heart of Silicon Valley, a few blocks from the legendary garage where Steve Jobs founded the Apple company.

There I became familiar with the technological advances of companies such as Google+, Autodesk, Tesla, SpaceX, Twitter, Snapchat, Gopro, WhatsApp, among others.

Technologies that are changing the world and the business environment in ways that are still difficult for us to understand and assimilate, and that will not only affect individual companies, but that disruption will affect the global macroeconomy.

How to take advantage of all these advances and be a participant at the same time of the enterprises that are generated as a result of technological progress? In Silicon Valley, for example, failure is rewarded because the entrepreneurial culture validates the fact that every setback in an enterprise approaches the entrepreneur to success, because this success when it occurs can produce profits without comparison with traditional companies.

In today's world the technology development ecosystems that are operating efficiently and show the highest degree of development are: Silicon Valley - Palo Alto (San Francisco), Los Angeles, Boston, Chicago, New York, Austin, Seattle, Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal, Sao Paulo, Tel Aviv, Bucharest, Helsinki, Tokyo, Seoul, Singapore, Mumbai and Bangalore (India) and Sydney, mainly. However, there are other more incipient ones, such as Miami, which will undoubtedly find space in time as the midpoint between Latin America and the Silicone Valley.

 Undoubtedly, Israel is the country that brings together the largest number of technology startups per capita. There are several reasons why Israel is a country advanced in technologies: first, all the developments that are made have to be thought of as being sold or distributed globally, since the Israeli market is very small; then, the contact networks to finance their ventures or sell them are highly developed worldwide, the development costs are lower compared to other countries, the Israeli government co-funds the projects of the startups, so it generates confidence to local and foreign investors .

Another issue that will be very important in the coming years will be the digital monetization and its growth, which will have an impact on how people make their financial transactions without using traditional intermediaries and how the speed of transactions is increasing exponentially.

Bitcoin is an example of this revolution in the financial field. It will also facilitate direct financial transactions between people in countries where intermediation does not have high penetration. The market will continue to change more and more rapidly and widely throughout the world. Emerging technologies will also have an impact on the empowerment of people and this empowerment will be a fundamental tool in the protection of human rights, especially in the prevention of violence.

Companies like Google are investing massively in artificial intelligence and in the learning of machines (machine learning); These investments will change the way we interrelate with our electronic devices and the way they will learn for themselves. Also, advances in technology applied to the development of more advanced and resistant materials are very important, that will have an impact on the maintenance of the infrastructure; Advanced robotics will have an increasingly greater impact on GDP growth.

 Taken from the book Mi viaje por los Emprendimientos 1985 – 2015.

Author: Lorenzo Sousa Debarbieri.

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