Lorenzo Sousa Debarbieri

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El Capital Ausente – Volumen 3 Castas y Sistema Financiero

The intention of this volume is to exemplify the action of the paradigm of political domination in Peru; for which the issue of the influence of each of the five "castes" or large groups of "included" existing in Peruvian society, on history and national destiny is addressed.
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El Capital Ausente – Volumen 2 Paradigmas y finta

This volume tells us how cultural paradigms are directly linked to the functioning of society and the national economy. It describes the different paradigms present in our country over the years, which are: domination, concentration and exclusion.
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El Capital Ausente – Volumen 1 De Toledo a Pachacútec

Book consisting of 24 chapters, distributed in 06 volumes. This First Volume tells us about the competitiveness and development of Peru since the beginning of the 21st century, the uncertain search for capital, and the difficulties for the circulation of the two types of Capital in Peru: Financial Capital and Social Capital and the factors…
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Mi viaje por los emprendimientos 1985 – 2015

Este libro esta pensado para cualquier persona interesada en llevar adelante un emprendimiento o negocio pueda recoger, de mi experiencia personal, algunas de las lecciones sobre como un conjunto de decisiones, proyectos y relaciones con otros hacen que las estrategias planteadas sean exitosas o no.
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