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Incredible railway museums for the lovers of railway transportation trips

For thousands of years railway transportation has been relevant and used for different purposes. The first railways with iron lanes appeared around 1760 and ever since, they’ve suffered a huge evolution process, turning into wonderful machines.

Their amazing designs, dimensions and advances have captured many people admiration and fascination for this unavailable way of transportation. For all around the world railway transportation lovers, there are incredible museums that show and explain their whole history. From the first railways to the most recent, powerful and innovative trains.

We’ll show you some of them that are worth visiting:

  • Saitama’s Railway Museum

This museum is located in a Japanese city near Tokyo, called Saitama. It has an historical area that occupies half of the building and shows the Japanese railway advances ever since the first railways. It also shows demos and simulation videos for children and youths. This museum is definitely the place to be for railway transportation lovers of all ages.

  • Nairobi’s Railway Museum

This museum is located in Africa and has kept its railway connection since its inauguration in 1971; which allows an easy way to add new machines to the exhibition of the museum.  This is a thrilling place for the steam railway transportation lovers and the small relics.

Right now inside the museum there are three active steam locomotives, which are occasionally used for touristic excursions inside the metropolitan area of Nairobi.

  • San Diego’s Railway Museum

With an exhibition of approximately 2500 square meters, this North American museum has a special characteristic: it holds the biggest exhibition of miniature trains of the world.

Within their goals and purposes they look to maintain the railways heritage through a series of miniature samples of the California’s railway transportation. They want also to educate the public in the subjects related to railways.

  • York’s National Railway Museum

This museums is located in the English city of York. It shows the history of Great Britain railway transportation and its social and economic impact due to its importance in the industrial revolution. Is not only one of the most important museums in Great Britain, but in the whole world.

It opened to the public in 1975 and ever since, in its 20 hectares of extension, it has received millions of people from all over the world.

  • Asturias Railway Museum

Located in the city of Gijon in Spain, it’s considered one of the most important European museums on railway matter. One of the most relevant thing about this museum is that it explains the history and the past of the first railways, but it also explains and let you know about the general future of railway transportation.

It counts with 14.000 square meters and it’s the home of one of the biggest machines and railway wagons collections of entire Europe.


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