Lorenzo Sousa Debarbieri


Incredible railway museums for the lovers of railway transportation trips

For thousands of years railway transportation has been relevant and used for different purposes. The first railways with iron lanes appeared around 1760 and ever since, they’ve suffered a huge evolution process, turning into wonderful machines. Their amazing designs, dimensions and advances have captured many people admiration and fascination for this unavailable way of transportation.…
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Big Data: An agent of change in business digital transformation

Big Data: An agent of change in business digital transformation As an ever-growing presence, big data has become a technological innovation that enables great capability for modern enterprises. By adopting its different features in the development of business 4.0 models, you can expect a profound change in decision making for your company. These reasons make…
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Distruptive technologies trends and opportunities.

To learn more about what's happening in the world of technology, I enrolled in the disruptive technology program at Singularity University, at the Asa Research Center in Nasa in the heart of Silicon Valley, a few blocks from the legendary garage where Steve Jobs founded the Apple company. There I became familiar with the technological…
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