Lorenzo Sousa Debarbieri

In english

Son of Lorenzo Sousa Castañeda and Nancy Debarbieri Mantero, I was born in Lima, Peru in the year 1960. I am married to María Cristina De Madalengoitia Del Campo and I have 4 children: Renzo, Daniel, Natalia and Lara Sousa.

I moved to California when I was only 16 years old to pursue an economics degree at Pepperdine University; already with the title of economist I returned to Peru to work at the Arab Latin American Bank (Arlabank), while pursuing a postgraduate in finance at ESAN.

Two years later, through a grant from the Pan American Fund of the Organization of American States (OAS), I studied a Master's Degree in Business Administration and Management at the Arthur D. Little Management Education Institute in Boston, before returning to Peru to work in the Financial Control area of ​​Citibank.

After my experience in Citibank, I founded Peruval SAB, the first stock broker in Peru with an international standard and which played a leading role in the 90s. Peruval SAB was, in terms of volumes traded, the most important broker among the years 1990-2000 in Peru.

In addition to my master's degree, I studied a postgraduate course at the School of Management (PAD) of the University of Piura in Lima and the Postgraduate Program in Advanced Management at the Harvard Business School of Harvard University in Boston.

I have also published several books and I am a Founding Partner and Chairman of the Board of the largest private tourism and rail companies in Peru, such as Peru Belmond Hotels, PeruRail and Transandino Railroad.

Currently I am also dedicated to the support of young entrepreneurs in companies of technological innovation, social inclusion, among other start ups.